Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa | Rishikul Yogshala | 2023

Are you ready to take your yoga practice from the mat to the world? Looking for an enriching experience that will develop your skills and deepen your practice? Look no further than Rishikul Yogshala's Yoga Teacher Training in Goa.

Our esteemed training is well-respected and approved by Yoga Alliance, an international certification for yoga instructors. This 200 hour program will provide all the tools you need to become an experienced priest of yoga – learning breathwork, meditation, adjustment techniques, anatomy and alignments, asanas, and more.

This isn't just a physical challenge – this is an opportunity to explore your mind and soul, deepen the connections to your inner self, and gain lifelong skills to assist yourself and nurture others. Discover tranquility in India and send ripples of transformation around the globe. Let your journey to holistic wellbeing start here, with Rishikul Yogshala.