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Who are we?
Schoolsdunia is not just a simple school management software. It is something of a technological journey that is geared towards preserving the natural environment. With cutting-edge software designed specifically for education Our team takes major steps to save huge quantities of paper that are used in the schools and institutes. It is confirmed that an average of 500 Rims of paper is used by an elementary school or institute. This number is increased up to 2000 Rims when talking about big colleges. Sustainability was the inspiration behind the development for the Institute Management Software. Our goal is to cut down on the use of paper in these organizations and to encourage green practices.

Our Institute Management Software is set to reduce the usage of papers to more than 95 percent in any educational institution. It is what is expected to replace traditional learning and studying methods. The software does not just help the management and administration in creating schedules. However, it also aids parents or guardians in keeping check on their child's progress. With the ability to perform all of the basic essential tasks online the school Management System will make the routine functioning easier for users. It will also give users with access to the information stored about a particular student at any time they require.
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