Simple operation, suitable for all kinds of Fresh, sweet, waxy corn, frozen corn threshing after thawing. it is suitable for large-scale production of factories and assembly line, as well as for family workshops.

Sweet corn thresher absorbs advanced sweet corn particle cutting technology, with the inclusion of maize grain roots cutting technology. designed for separating the corn grain from the central stem. The corn thresher can complete the whole process automatically after the operator putting the sweet corn into the machine. Equipped with wheels, this thresher can move easily.

Sweet Corn Thresher Features :-

This machine is a fresh sweet corn thresher and the propriety of threshing could be adjusted.
Reasonable structure: stainless steel with moveable wheels and the exit parts have the fun to blow our the waste.
Wide usage: it work according to the size of the corn, and the threshing rate is 100%.
The cutting depth is adjustable, matching to the request of the food processing factory.
Sweet corn thresher is suitable for sweet corn processing enterprise, sweet corn kernels cannel line, food joint enterprise and sweet in the early period of the deep processing