Rugged Watch Buyers Guide | Sylvi

Let the tough man in your life always shine. There is always that shining lion in every household, who literally beats the crap out of his gear. If you are looking for men’s watches for the rugged man in your life or yourself, make sure that your watch is completely ready to take the beating. Investing in a rugged watch should be such that it should last a long time. The watch should be tough enough to justify your rugged personality and worth all the pennies.

Forget about those fancy smartwatches if your adventurous endeavors take you off the grid. All you need is a robust and rugged timepiece shining on your wrist. This rugged new watch for men is capable enough to withstand all tough moments and yet perform like a superstar. Since time immemorial, wrist watches are intrinsically connected with different adventures and unique exploration.

Table of Content:
Rugged is the new Cool
Let’s know your rugged watch in detail
Exclusive handpick rugged timepieces only for You
1. Sylvi Iconic Green Nylon
2. Sylvi Timegrapher Blue BL 2 – Chrono
3.Sylvi Frist Camogreen
4. Sylvi Hawk Z black
5.Sylvi Frist Z Black