The Nyaya-sutras are ascribed to Gautama, who was at any rate the essential creator. As indicated by Karl Potter, this is an extremely normal Indian name, and the creator is otherwise called Gotama, Dirghatapas, and Aksapada Gautama. Little is had some significant awareness of Gautama or the 100 years where he resided. In view of printed examination, insightful evaluations range from the sixth century BCE, making him a contemporary of Gautama Buddha Siddhartha Gautamaand Mahavira, to the second century CE. A few researchers accept that the enigmatic text Nyaya-sutras was extended over the long haul by numerous creators, with Gautama contributing the main layer around the mid-first thousand years BCE.
These are Maharshee Gautamas Nyaya Sutras along with comments and review in Marathi. The supportive literature is Sutrabhashya by Vatsyayana, Vartik by Oghtar, Nyayavartik Tatparya Teeka and Vishwanathvritti by Vachaspatee Mishra and Nyaya Manjiri by Jayanta