Kapalbhati Success Stories -Discover the Astonishing Benefits of This Ancient Breathing Technique

Kingsuk Nandi, an IIT student from Kanpur, India, completely recovered from cancer by dissolving his 1.5 kg of pancreatic cancer with only Kapalbhati pranayama.
His eight-hour pranayama session Every day, there are 4 hours of Kapalbhati and 4 hours of Anulom Vilom, which helped him recover from cancer.

With continuous practice of this Pranayama, Jyotsna was able to cure her third stage of cancer.
Thirty male students were the subjects of a Kapalbhati study at the Deemed University of Indore. They divided these pupils into two groups and began to track the pranayama’s trial outcomes. This 12-week work experiment had excellent results, according to Kapalbhati. Here is a quick look at the outcomes.

It is an amazing way to reduce body fat.