Integrated Facility Management Services

Integrated Facility Management Services
Krystal Group range of integrated facility management service offerings include soft services such as housekeeping, sanitation, landscaping and gardening, hard services such as mechanical, electrical and plumbing services, solid, liquid and biomedical waste management, pest control, façade cleaning and effluent treatment and other services such as production support services, warehouse management and airport management services (including multi-level parking and airport traffic management).

Soft Services
• Housekeeping and cleaning services: We offer a wide range of commercial and industrial cleaning services throughout India with specific focus on quality, efficiency, and sustainable service delivery models.
• Landscaping and gardening: We are responsible for the upkeep of landscapes and gardens at our customers’ locations through, trimming of grass, setting up of new gardens and general maintenance.
• Disinfecting and sanitizing services: We thoroughly clean and disinfect the premises, including surfaces, equipment, and common areas. This typically involves the use of specialized cleaning agents, disinfectants, and equipment to remove dirt, grime, and bacteria.

Hard Services

• Pest control: We offer pest control services to commercial establishments using government authorized treatments and solutions that follow modern practices in the industry and are in compliance with the environmental safety protocols and environmental, health and safety norms.
• Facade cleaning: We offer cleaning and maintenance services for the external glass facades of buildings used by our customers.
• Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services: We provide mechanical, electrical, and plumbing maintenance works for retail outlets and other premises. These services include cleaning and replacing air filters, inspecting, and testing fire protection systems, and performing regular maintenance on HVAC equipment and monitoring energy usage.