Gangadhara Granthabali By Dr Raghunath Meher

Raghunath Meher's Gangadhara Granthabali was released by Friends Publishers.The Swabhaba Kabi Famous Odia lyricist Gangadhar Meher lived in the 19th century. He was not wealthy or well-educated, but he was still one of the most active and creative writers in Odia writing.

Gangadhara began writing poetry at a very young age. His early writings are influenced by the style and methodology of the early Odia authors. The poem "Rasa-Ratnakara" was his first kabya. Later, after being convinced by a few companions, he changed his ways and began penning poems and kabyas in contemporary Odia. His writing was highly commended by Kabibara Radhanatha Ray. The vivid imagination, lovely and precise language, originality of style, point of forceful character painting, and lively depiction of nature from various angles distinguish Gangadhara Meher's works. His works continue to rank among the best in Odia literature. The writings of Radhanath Rai, who penned with influences from the west, frequently had an impact on his literary career. A research was conducted in North orissa University which reveals many similarities between Gangadhar Meher and western romantic poets like P.B Shelley, Lord Byron, John Keats.The treatment of nature is equally same in their poetries.