– Bilaspur- A predatory young man made a three year old innocent girl the victim of his lust.

Bilaspur Bilaspur The heart-wrenching incident took place at Bannak Chowk in Sirargitti area, the brute crossed all limits of humanity. Committed a brutal incident. A 3 year old innocent girl was made a victim of lust. An innocent girl died during treatment in Sims. Information about the incident has come from Sirgitti police station area of Bilaspur, in which an unknown youth crossed all limits of humanity. A savage brute made an innocent 3 year old a victim of his lust. The incident is said to have happened around 6 o'clock. According to the information, an unknown accused has raped a 3 year old girl in Sirgitti police station area. The same innocent girl was admitted to SIMS in a critical condition, where the innocent girl died during treatment. This heart-wrenching incident spread anger among the people of the area. Former Bilaspur MLA Shailesh Pandey expressed regret over this heart-wrenching incident and said that sisters and daughters are unsafe in Bilaspur. Such big incidents are not stopping in Bilaspur and it is not having a good impact on the people. The atmosphere of Bilaspur is continuously getting worse. BJP The government has nothing to do with the problems of the people. The government was busy in the transfer posting industry and is now giving false guarantees. The BJP leaders of Bilaspur are intoxicated with power, law and order has collapsed, the city is in the hands of criminals and sisters and daughters are becoming unsafe. The same police, showing seriousness in this matter, started searching for the accused. This incident is said to have happened near Bannak Chowk, whereas after this incident a large number of people are reaching the police station demanding to arrest the accused.