Bearded Dragon Stress Marks: Other Signs of Stress and How to Calm Your Stressed Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons can exhibit stress through various signs, with stress marks being one of the most common indicators. These marks usually appear as dark lines or spots on their belly or chin. Other signs of stress in bearded dragons include glass surfing (repeatedly running against the glass of their enclosure), hiding for extended periods, reduced appetite, lethargy, and changes in behavior such as increased aggression or skittishness.

To calm a stressed bearded dragon, first, ensure their enclosure is set up correctly. This includes maintaining appropriate temperatures and humidity levels, providing adequate lighting with a proper day-night cycle, and ensuring the enclosure is spacious and enriched with hiding spots and climbing opportunities. Minimizing handling and loud noises around their habitat can also help reduce stress.

Additionally, offering a balanced diet with a variety of insects and vegetables, and ensuring they are hydrated, can improve their overall well-being. Regularly checking for signs of illness or parasites is crucial, as these can also cause stress. If your bearded dragon continues to show signs of stress despite these measures, consult a veterinarian specialized in reptiles to rule out any underlying health issues.