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What is IP address for D-Link router?

A QoS “Quality of Service” feature in a router improves online gaming and other multimedia operations by prioritizing the gaming traffic over any network traffic. It is used for gaining... Read More

A Netgear router can be utilized as the Bridge mode that allows you to get connected to multiple devices at the same time for gaining better performance. You need two... Read More

How do I setup my D-Link Wi-Fi extender?

While creating a Guest zone, make sure you are choosing an appropriate frequency band to work upon. Users are highly recommended to assign a unique name to the wireless Guest... Read More

How do I setup my new NETGEAR router?

A user can set up the Wifi schedule in a Netgear router to avoid the wastage of Internet whenever you do not require a Wifi connection. In case you are... Read More

Why won't my Linksys connect to the Internet?

If there are multiple devices in your network and you want to give priority to some specific devices, you can do it with the Media Prioritization feature. With the... Read More

How do I access my Dlink Wi-Fi extender?

After the update process, you can restore the configurations of the router of which you created the backup. The web interface of the router is used for both the process... Read More