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"By truly successful, I mean business leaders, who, while busy growing their organization, do not lose sight of (their) people's growth. In short, they are successful in creating happy, high... Read More

It is as if you are stepping in the shoes of the people you are working with, to understand how it feels to be just them. Just by being with... Read More

JTBD first came out when Clayton Chirstiansen, a professor at Harvard Business School’s Product Management group, set out with his team to understand what ‘needs’ drive people to ‘hire’ a... Read More

The Sprint Review is second to last ceremony in the Sprint. The purpose of the Sprint Review is for an Agile team to show their product increment to the Product... Read More

By definition, “success metrics” are exactly that: the key measurement which reflects on the interaction (and collaboration) within the system to generate a successful outcome. By taking a measure-up approach... Read More


The SOW can include a statement that as the teams start working, they will put together a release plan to provide an insight on how the timelines look at this... Read More

Once a team stops feeling the pressure to finish the work it committed, it gets into this antipattern, which results in increasingly more stories not finishing by the time a... Read More


A good team creates the metrics to understand how it is doing, what it needs to improve and makes the metrics available to the entire organization in the spirit of... Read More

These days you have digital tools such as Jira, VersionOne, Rally, etc. that help manage backlogs. Teams use these to write hundreds of stories without understanding the whole product. As... Read More

When we work on a project, there are different kinds of work items. Some are about modifying existing functionalities and some are about creating new ones. There are also work... Read More