21 Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines. Kev’s 2024 UK Reviews

In this post I’m going into detail on the best bean to cup coffee machines at the time of writing, and providing some crucial info on the types of bean to cup coffee machines and who they’re for, with a goal of helping you to discover your perfect bean to cup coffee machine..

So, let’s just begin with a short intro on bean to cup coffee machines, firstly to make completely sure that it is a bean to cup machine you’re after, and that you understand the differences between the different kinds of bean to cup coffee machines on the market before I get into the suggestions for which I believe are among the best & why.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines – What Are They, Exactly?
Bean to cup coffee machines are coffee machines that make espresso and espresso based coffees (all the coffee shop favourites) from whole coffee beans, more or less at the touch of a button. Put coffee beans in the hopper, get freshly brewed coffee out of the bottom, no faff.

Contrary to popular belief, a bean to cup machine is not simply a coffee machine with a built in grinder.

If you go to most of the bigger retailers, they’ll list the likes of the Sage Barista Express and Barista Pro, Delonghi La Specialista and so on, as bean to cup machines, because they have an integrated grinder.

This is one of my pet hates ;-), an integrated grinder alone doesn’t make it a bean to cup coffee machine.

The first ever domestic bean to cup coffee machine was released in 1985, the Seaco Automatica, and what made it special wasn’t just the built in grinder, but the built in grinder in combination with the brewing unit.

It’s the presence of a brewing unit that qualifies a machine as being a bean to cup coffee machine.

Espresso machines use a filter basket, this is where the ground coffee goes, and it’s tamped, and then hot water is introduced under pressure, to extract the espresso.